Installation Instructions

This instruction procedure is valid for three phase and mono phase models.


Please carefully read user manual and all installation instructions before starting installation.

This installation should be carried out by a qualified technician.

If you are installing in a production facility, make sure you are doing the installation in accordance with the responsible staff or the facility.

  1. Open the panel.
  2. Power off the mains.
  3. Make sure there’s no power in outlets of the main with the help of a volt indicator or a neon-tester.
  4. Open a space for TRIMBOX in panel.
  5. Attach 2,5mm2 multi core TTR or NYA-F cables on L1, L2, L3, Neutral and Ground connections of TRIMBOX
  6. Use a screw driver to screw and fix the cables firmly. Do not screw in too tight.
  7. Connect the ground first and then Neutral line.
  8. Losen the outlets of mains and remove the cables.
  9. Pair each TRIMBOX phase cable with the respective cables from mains and insert them in outlet of the main switch. Do this one by one in order to not to mix up the phases.
  10. Check once again and make sure if the connections are ok.
  11. You can turn on the main switch. You should see green LED is lit (1 x Green LED in monophase model and 3 x Green LED in three phase model.
  12. Close the panel.

If the circuit breaker is off and the power is cut in a circuit which is protected by TRIMBOX, there could be a problem about the voltage. In this case your devices will be safe.

Before you turn the power on, check the status of electricity and TRIMBOX. If TRIMBOX is shorted, you should replace it with a new one before turning the power on.