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Why should TRIMBOX be installed seperately to each machine in factories?

In factories, besides lighting strikes or transformator bursts, there is another important issue: Overvoltage peaks forming in facilities. Large electromagnetic fields results in high induction of industrial machinery. This may lead to huge voltage peaks during start-up and electrical switching. These peaks may often cause electronic card failure. To prevent this problem, every machine should have a seperate TRIMBOX.

How many TRIMBOXes should I use?

  • At home: One TRIMBOX should be used in every house. In apartment buildings, we also recommend installing a seperate TRIMBOX to the main power inlet to protect the TRIMBOXes in the units.
  • In the office: One TRIMBOX installed to the main power inlet is sufficient for offices (except in extraordinary situations).
  • In factories: In factories, a seperate TRIMBOX should be installed for every machine. We also recommend installing a seperate TRIMBOX to the factory’s main power inlet to protect the TRIMBOXes on machines.

Are voltage drops and raises noticeable?

The best known visible example of drops and raises in voltage is dimming and brightening of lights. However many invisible voltage surges may occur each second. In other words, voltage surges are always present even if you cannot see actual brightening of lights.

Is TRIMBOX an “energy saving device”?

Absolutely not. TRIMBOX does not reduce energy consumption. However, TRIMBOX prevents failures in devices, thus eliminating problems in production, and brings a major reduction in costs and losses such as repairs, replacements, and work loss.

Does TRIMBOX offer a solution for low voltage too?

TRIMBOX does not interfere with low voltage. In contrast to the general misconception, low voltage does not burn electronic cards. Low voltage may only cause electric motors to burn. To prevent this, a phase protection relay should be used. However phase protection relays may switch the circuit and create pulses. As a result, a TRIMBOX would still be needed for protection from these pulses.

Can overvoltage harm TRIMBOX?

TRIMBOX can handle all overvoltage peaks for many years. Failure might occur only in extreme conditions like a lighting strike or transformer explosion. However even in such events, TRIMBOX short circuits between two phases or one phase and neutral, causing the circuit breaker to cut the flow of electricity and protecting your devices.

What is the product life of TRIMBOX?

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey has set a 2 year warranty and an average 10 year product life for TRIMBOX. However the life of your TRIMBOX may change depending on the voltage surges it receives.

What harm do voltage surges cause?

1. Failure
Even with no physical damage , data losses or unexplainable system crashes may occur. Systems may require restarting or reinstallation.

2. Wear
Periodic or continuous overvoltage peaks cause a shorter economic life for electrical devices. Wear may cause future failures over time.

3. Damage

  • Electrical devices may be damaged.
  • Interruption of production and services may cause important financial losses.
  • Repair and new purchase expenditures increase costs.
  • Machines and devices may show calibration errors that may lead to production failures.
  • Networks, servers or telephone switchboards may be damaged, halting telecommunications.
  • Data losses may occur as a result of damages in IT infrastructure.
  • Failures in robotic systems may cause losses.
  • Power interruption in medical electronics or health support units can cause fatal problems.
  • Malfunctions in strategic points like chemical plants or power plants may cause national or international issues.

How do overvoltage peaks occur?

Transformer explosions, lightning strikes, electrical switching, magnetic fields, electrical inductions or power interruptions may create overvoltage. For example, a lightning strike may affect all electrical devices within a 1.5 km diameter area.

What is an overvoltage peak (spike)?

Over voltage peaks which may occur in microseconds and may be as high as 10,000 volts. They may also be called spikes. These voltage levels exceed the limits of electrical devices.